Late Night Journals

At times as Parents it’s hard to keep that intimate and loving relationship with a child that live outside of your home. And that’s ok. That is part of Parenthood.

Life…it happens.

It’s 12:43am in Burleson, Tx and I can’t help but stay wide awake as I think about life. As well as having a threenager fighting his sleep because he wants to stay up and hang with Mommy. Which really means to sit next to me while I scan Pinterest and Instagram on my phone. 😂

2014 was a blur…

Wow. Can you believe it is already 2015? I remember when it was New Years Eve 1999 and we were all freaking out because we weren’t sure if it would make it to 2000. ⏰ Time flies when you are having fun! ☺️ I would like to say my year began around July 2014 and…

Essential Oils

Well The Tucker family has decided to start our “Oily Lifestyle”. 😊 As of now I am using Doterra® Essential Oils and we are in LOVE! I do however order different types of oils through other makers as well. We are still new to this but are very interested in learning MORE! Stay tuned for…

Social Media?? 

Hey follow me (it is my getaway) on Instagram if you have one! 😊 @thetuckerlife Our Family Hashtag: #thetuckerlife My Snapchat: Add me by my username… @thetuckerlife Or by my snapcode below. My Twitter: @ericamtucker Family Twitter: @thetuckerlifeyo

Baby Tucker #5 is a… 💙 or 💗?😉

15 weeks 5 days ⬇️ ⬆️This impromtu shoot was so much fun!! Baby Tucker is a BOY!!! Criss Crossed feet and he kept rubbing his eyes ☺️ It was so cute! 👶 15 weeks 2 days

October Fun

Wow it is a BEAUTIFUL Day in Burleson, Tx. The clouds and cold front just rolled in during our morning Garage Sale and I feel blessed! We were getting bomb barded by mosquitos and they decided to go away after they felt the winter chill ☺️. Yay for us and our bodies! Lol And it…

Friday Field Day!!

Today was Allie (2nd grade) and Aidan’s (1st grade) Field Day!! They had a blast! Stinx tho because they each had to stay with their classes so I was running back and forth across the school trying to spend equal time with them!