Botanical Gardens Ft Worth, Tx

This weekend we decided to take a trip to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.

The kiddos had a BLAST!! 🎉

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Dreaded Stomach Bug

It’s been a CRAZY 4 days because the lovely stomach bug has been going around the Tucker household. 😕

Aidan had it.
Alexie had it
Now… Noah has it 😔

It was bad enough seeing Aidan and Alexie but it’s even harder with a 11 1/2 mth old 😷 but I must say how THANKFUL I am for my hubby 🙏 It’s hard enough being a step dad but to see him step in and nurture them like his own was such an amazing thing to see!

Blood doesn’t make you a Dad.
Love does. ✨

Stay tuned because this momma has to get some sleep…✌