The Tucker Food

As many of my friends know my husband Greg is in love with making food. When he was a teen he wanted to be a chef and even looked into two different Culinary Schools but unfortunately didn’t go that direction after some traumatic events occurred in his life. He however has the gift of a Chef! The way he puts food together and makes his own recipes is astonishing.  He hasn’t been able to sit down and write down his recipes while he is cooking but he has promised to start the next time he cooks. I do want to show off a handful or more of his food pics! Continue reading “The Tucker Food”

💖 Date Night 💖

Last night my Hubby and I were FINALLY able to have a Date Night!!! 😍 It is such a RARE moment in our life lately. We had a blast and laughed nonstop in our booth like a highschool couple. It was soo relaxing and nice to get away for an hour and a half to enjoy some alone time with my Luv.

I did document a few things! 😉🍴⬇️

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Essential Oils

Well The Tucker family has decided to start our “Oily Lifestyle”. 😊

As of now I am using Doterra® Essential Oils and we are in LOVE! I do however order different types of oils through other makers as well. We are still new to this but are very interested in learning MORE!

Stay tuned for our journey… 🌠☺️
My Doterra® site

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Social Media?? 

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Week 23 of my Pregnancy


Wow! I haven’t been on WordPress in FOREVER! I am 23 weeks pregnant with our 5th child! ☺️ We are having a baby boy and naming him Jonah! 🐳. #jonahandthewhale We are very exciting but it has been a ROUGH pregnancy with horrible hyperemesis, back labor, sciatica never pains (i have had these for 4 yrs now but this pregnancy made them wayy worse), and frequent braxton hicks . 😕

I will update more soon… ☺️

October Fun

Wow it is a BEAUTIFUL Day in Burleson, Tx. The clouds and cold front just rolled in during our morning Garage Sale and I feel blessed! We were getting bomb barded by mosquitos and they decided to go away after they felt the winter chill ☺️. Yay for us and our bodies! Lol


And it is HOODIE WEATHER!!! I have been looking forward to this! 😉

Have a Blessed day! Off to close our Garage sale and then off to teach my babies about Jesus 🙏