Late Night Journals

At times as Parents it’s hard to keep that intimate and loving relationship with a child that live outside of your home. And that’s ok. That is part of Parenthood.

Need a camera or lens but can’t afford it yet?

Well you are about to find out some amazing information! Cameras and Lenses are not cheap. Some will cost you your first born or your vintage hot rod. No joke! But with LensRentals you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg. You can rent them for one day or however long you are needing them…

A Mothers Love

Have you ever loved someone it literally hurts? You know, that unbreakable bond that even through the TOUGH times you can still look at that person and smile because you love them so much? Well for most parents that is the feeling we have when we look at our children.


It is 1:13am on November 4, 2019. I am laying in bed scrolling on my iPhone just reminiscing on how our year has been. Overall I am extremely thankful for everything. We go through trials to make us stronger. Wether it be finding a job that truly is a blessing in disguise, weeding out fake…

I’m To Busy God…. — Finding Blessings

Do you ever have those moments you feel God calling you to something and you tell yourself… “That’s a great idea but I’m to busy God”. Honestly that’s how I feel in this very moment. Life has been chaotic lately. I mean when is life not chaotic though? I told myself that today I was […]…

Aidan’s 13th Birthday Celebration!

We had to celebrate Aidan’s 13th birthday a TAD late this year but he definitely wasn’t complaining. Especially after he chose to celebrate it at the local Trampoline Park aka House of Air in Crowley, Tx.

In my steps…

November 28th started off like any other day… or so I thought.