Late Night Journals

Family, Late Night Journals

At times as Parents it’s hard to keep that intimate and loving relationship with a child that live outside of your home. And that’s ok. That is part of Parenthood.

My Oldest Son, I want you to know how much we truly love you. You are such a smart goofball that we absolutely adore. At times we may not get along but in the end you are always respectful towards me. I love you for that especially. We may live a little bit of a distance from each other but our Home is always open to you.

I sit here thinking about you every single night. When you post something on social media I immediately want to jump on to see what you have showed off. My favorite videos you share are of your hamster.

You probably won’t see this but I pray you have a good week. I pray for soo much when it comes to you. Wether it’s peace, guidance, healing, or positivity. In the end Greg and I (and our family) want the best for you.

We love you and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. 💖


Your Mom


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