Need a camera or lens but can’t afford it yet?

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Well you are about to find out some amazing information!

Cameras and Lenses are not cheap. Some will cost you your first born or your vintage hot rod. No joke! But with LensRentals you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg. You can rent them for one day or however long you are needing them for.

If you end up liking a product you can even buy it while you have it! Yes, BUY it!

When you shop with LensRentals they offer overnight shipping or Standard shipping which usually takes 2-3 business days. When your product(s) arrive they are shipped in a pelican case for extra protection. The lenses come in their own individual zippered case for that added extra protection. It is honestly the best shipping protection I have ever seen. Not to mention their Customer Support is beyond amazing! I absolutely love them.

My last rental order I ended up purchasing my Canon Camera through them. They allow you to use your rental amount you paid towards your purchase price. That’s sooo awesome!

Want to know what I have a rented from them?

Canon 6d dslr Camera (I rented this twice)

Canon 50mm 1.4

-Canon 85 1.8 (I rented this twice)

-Canon 70-200 2.8L IS II

I ended up purchasing my Canon 6d after my second time renting it. Which was the best decision I ever made.

Want to see some shots that I was able to capture with these lenses?!

Here ya go!

This is our oldest. I received my rentals an hour before she got home from school so she had no choice but to be my model the second she stepped off the bus! hehe!
This is my Best Friend and I before we went out to dinner for “Girls Night”. This pictured just showed our joy we generate together.
I volunteer at my church in their photography department and this is what I captured when our Worship team was praising!
Another shot I captured at our Church for our Christmas Event. Santa is always watching. 
Our daughter Alexie knew exactly what was going to happened when our second rental came in. Park Day at Golden Hour was a MUST!!
This is our Son Noah and he came up with his own pose that I absolutely fell in love with!
Here is another “right off the school bus” shot of Alexie. Ha!
Here is my favorite picture I have captured of my two dearest friends. This was from their Engagement shoot.

In other words don’t stress if you can’t afford that specific lens or camera you have had your eye on forever. Go check out LensRentals for all your needs!

I promise you will be a repeat customer. ♥

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