In my steps…


November 28th started off like any other day… or so I thought.

I woke up early to wait for the  workers to come work on our sprinklers. The kids were still asleep so I decided to eat breakfast first before waking them. (Who doesnt  like sleeping babies lol) The workers were there for an hour or so and finished the job. Right after the kids woke up and I made them breakfast. I was sitting at my computer getting their weeks school work lined up when all of a sudden I felt a certain type of focal seizure coming on. It is so hard to describe how this particular seizure feels honestly but I will do my best to tell you. It started as a deja vu feeling, which sounds weird I know but it did. But it didn’t go away, it because increasingly stronger to the point I had to lay my head down on my desk from how dizzy and weak I became. I was alert and knew what was happening but couldn’t speak just yet only because I was focusing on it passing soon. I am so glad my daughter knew I wasn’t feeling right and helped assist Jonah in the kitchen for me. It lasted maybe 2-3 mins top. After wards I felt so weak and jet lagged it seemed. I let Alexie know I didn’t feel well at all and I just had a seizure. She immediately became scared and started crying saying she didn’t want me to get hurt. I reassured her I was fine and that I really needed to lay down. By this time Jonah was playing in his room and Noah was now laying with me in my bed to keep me company. I was hiding my worry pretty good at this time. I texted my Mom and called my Husband to let him know what had just happened. He finished up at his job and immediately came home. I definitely  needed him because I became more weak after it all happened. Walking to the bathroom I was dizzy and just not myself. When Greg arrived home I was laying down and he came to check on me. I ended up taking a 3 hour nap which was soooo needed.  After waking up I was still a tad woozy but extremely weak. Which even more so confirmed my seizure. Yesterday was a very loooong day. Not remembering to take my medicine for one day is what set me into a seizure I know for certain but this is only the second or third time I have had this specific type of seizure. The only kind of seizures I have had were Gran Mal seizures and that was over 2 years ago. I haven’t had one since then with the help of my medication.

Having Epilepsy isn’t fun. It sucks, to be frank. Having to rely on a medicine that can save your life is hard. Especially when you haven’t had to rely on medicine to save your life EVER. Stress definitely doesnt help either but life unfortunately comes with stress at times. 

I will say I am thankful for my kids who knew exactly what to do yesterday.

Thank you Alexie, for jumping up and becoming the amazing sister you are to your brothers. 

Thank you to Noah, for laying by my side to keep me company until your Dad came home. 

Thank you to my Mom, for checking up on me as soon as she found out what happened. 

Thank you to my Greggy Poo, for coming home immediately to make sure I was ok. For making some yummy dinner while I was laid  out on the couch. Thank you for being amazing to me when I am at my worst. 

(I now have reminders set all over my phone and house to remind myself to take my medicine. That way this doesnt happen again.)

This is just one day in my steps…