Rock Hunting for the win!

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One thing our family absolutely LOVES going is Rock Hunting!

Don’t know what rock hunting is??

Well it’s when amazing people paint rocks and hid them around their town for others to find! The joy a person feels when finding a painted rock is pure kiddish! No joke. If you find a painted rock you yourself will have such an amazing excitement come over you.

You can find any rock group in your area by searing “<your town name> Rocks” on Facebook. Join the group and start rock hunting!

We really love Mansfield Rocks Facebook Group. If you are local in the DFW area this group is pretty awesome as well as the Fort Worth Rocks group and Burleson Rocks Group.

My family on this one particular day just happened to go visit these two different parks in Mansfield, Tx that were linked together by a walking trail. Our family loves to walk on the trails so off we went! On the way to the first park we had a blast finding sticks and viewing the scenery. On the way back after playing at the playground we spotted SIX rocs on complete accident! We didn’t get a picture with one of the rocks but they looks on our kids face was soooo cute! They get so excited! This day was totally worth it! I was able to save a handful of pics from ur day including a MUST SEE video if my Hubby showing our kids “how it’s done”! πŸ˜‚


This video is a MUST SEE!!!!

Now it’s time for Slow-Motion!

Here are also a few pics of our day.

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