First Time to Buc-ee’s!!

Family, Kids

We were FINALLY able to visit the nearest Buc-ee’s to us!! It was a 45 min drive but sooo worth it since we were already in the area! This was the location in North Fort Worth by Alliance Airport.


We decided to go after a Pumpkin Playdate with some friends! I was sad my Husband and 2 older kids weren’t able to be there with us but oh well! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I can’t even describe how much fun we had and we were only able to walk around 60% of the store. We were on a tight budget this trip but they seriously had everything!! There were sooo many gas pumps too!!

Check out our video I took with our kids!!

I bought the kids Slurpees and a cute Buc-ee’s Frisbee.

I bought my husband these amazing seasoned and SPICY crackers!


I bought myself these amazing Sweet Cinnamon and Sugar Glazed Cashews. They were UHHMAZING!! Buc-ee’s had them under a heat lamp too which made them even more scrumptious!!!


I wanted to take a TON more pictures but kinda felt like a weirdo walking around with a camera! Haha!

I highly recommend visiting Buc-ee’s whenever you get a chance!! It is AMAZING!!!


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