2014 was a blur…

Wow. Can you believe it is already 2015? I remember when it was New Years Eve 1999 and we were all freaking out because we weren’t sure if it would make it to 2000. ⏰ Time flies when you are having fun! ☺️

I would like to say my year began around July 2014 and the day I attended the “Latch On Texas” Expo with my best friends, Crystle and it was a BLAST! I halfway wrapped my then 2 month old son Jonah because he started fussing. We started walking while knowing he wasn’t all the way secure and I felt a small tap on my should with a lovely lady saying “I can help you with this wrap if that’s ok?” Who would thought that one line would’ve changed my world? Who would’ve thought this lady would’ve been the start to our amazing lifestyle. Who would’ve thought she would have a such a huge impression on my life. Thank you Jennifer H. for approaching me that day. My life changed that moment…☺️
She introduced us the the Fort Worth Baby wearers group. That day they were offering 1/2 off their annual membership! You didn’t have to ask me twice! 😜 Crystle and I signed up right on the spot! How neat was this group! You were able to check out a new carrier each month and keep it to see if it fits you. Best idea EVER I must say! 😉 In my heart I want to eventually be a leader in FWBW because I just feel drawn to those ladies and the many carriers they have. Something just leads me to that group and I just feel giddy before every meeting I attend. ☺️

Now back to the Expo…

This day was my first day to say “F- IT! I am a Women and I am proud to Breastfeed!” This was the day I breastfed Jonah (really any of my kids) in public without a cover (mind you he was being worn so you really couldn’t tell). I remember telling Crystle “OMG this is my first time to do this”! I felt a sudden rush of happiness come over me. *crying as I type this* This is one of the most amazing things a women can accomplish. Breastfeeding isn’t for everyone but try at least is all I ask. 😉

Here is Jonah as we wait to start The Big Latch! He was 2 months old and ALL smiles! ☺️💙


This was one of the pictures we captured at The Latch On Expo. Crystle and I had a blast and this day she became a member of the Baltic Amber Necklace Family! ☺️


I have met soo many AMAZING women after I realized my ways were considered “crunchy” and I fell in love with the joy that is included in that title. There is so much Love and Joy in the hearts of my fellow crunchies. I am beyond Blessed that God led us in this direction. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends. I have made 5+ new besties by being myself. 🌼 The one thing I know how to do is be ME. I am accepted in my cloth diapering, oily family, homeschooling, non-vax type of ways and I just want to say Thank You for being YOU which in the end made me who I am. 😎

One thought on “2014 was a blur…

  1. Omg ! You are amazing and i also love our crunchy group and your crunchy ways !!!! I only wish i would have known u back when i was pregnant with Zachary! !!!! I know i just met you Erica but i loved you instantly because you were yourself and uour strong in your beliefs and in your lifestyle! I love That you dont adapt urself to everyone else ! Your truly an awesome mommy !!! And a wonderful friend and im blessed to even know u !

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