Our Garden Fresh Dinner

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The Tucker gardens produced 2 huge Squash along with a couple grape tomatoes! 🍅 We were so excited and stoked to cook with them!


I decided I wanted to make a Squash Casserole along with Snap Peas. ☺
First, to speed up cooking time we sliced the quash and steamed it for about 10 mins with a lil chopped white Onion.

*Preheat the oven to 400 NOW* 😉

When the Squash is cooked mix it in a large bowl with: A package of Ritz crackers and 1 1/2 cups of Shredded Cheddar Cheese. (You can add as much as you want)
Crush them in your hand and mix with the squash and I also added italian seasoning with a few Tablespoons of Parm Cheese as a little flavor.

Decorate the top as cute as you want. I opted for making a cute spiral and added more crushed Ritz crackers on top to make it Crispy. ☺

15-20 mins later our Casserole was done!


…and it tasted UHHHMAZING! 😍

We also had a side of Snap Peas.

I ALWAYS trim off the tips just for my pleasing lol.

We added chopped White Onion and sautéed it over Medium heat with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


The peas taste UHHMAZING as well!!

The peas weren’t from our Garden just yet but the Squash was.

FYI: Gardens are amazing and super easy!!

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